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“The Way of the Staff”. Jodo, a Japanese art of the staff, is designed to defend against someone with a sword. Its spirit is not to injure the opponent but utilize techniques that demonstrate the true versatility of the weapon.

Originating in Fukuoka, Jodo matured during the Meiji and Taisho periods. In 1968, Jodo became an art under the All Japan Kendo Federation curriculum. Today, Jodo demonstrations are held throughout Japan and practiced worldwide. Jodo activities in Canada are overseen by the Canadian Kendo Federation.


Practitioners will learn the use of the staff and sword in a non-competitive environment using kata-based partner training. Jodo techniques include: striking, thrusting, blocking, parrying, pinning, and sweeping. Through Jodo, one learns dexterity of movement and the development of the mind, body, and spirit. The art is suitable for adults and youth.

Beginners need only wear loose clothing. A limited supply of jo (wooden staff) and bokuto (wooden sword) are available.

Please note that the Jodo Program does not offer trial classes.

The Jodo program instructors are Kevin Hyatt, 4th Dan and David Lee, 4th Dan with assistant instructor Marianne Matchuk, 4th Dan.


Day Time Age Level
Sunday 3:30-5:00pm Adult, Senior & Youth General
Tuesday 9:15-10:30pm Adult, Senior & Youth General

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