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Kimono Dressing

In the old days in Japan, mothers taught their daughters how to wear kimono. Nowadays, it is quite common to go to a dressing class to learn how to wear kimono, as kimono is no longer the everyday attire in Japan.

You will learn how to wear kimono including explanation of the accessories and preparation needed for dressing and how to tie obi. You will practice repeatedly throughout the course. For those interested, instructions on how to make some of the accessories can be provided after class.

Items needed for this course are:
Kimono, Obi, Obijime, Obiage, Obimakura, Jyuban Hadagi, Koshimaki, Datejime, Koshihimo (2)


Kyoko Sugita - “Kimono Fun” co-founder/Discover Japan instructor
Completed all the courses up to the advanced course of actress Chieko Misaki’s Kitsuke-kyoshitsu School in Japan.

Hiroko Piggott - “Kimono Fun” co-founder/Discover Japan instructor
Through her practice of classical Japanese dance, she regularly wears kimono.

Total Classes

6 classes


$80 plus HST
Maximum Number: 8 students

Kimono rental may be available for an additional fee and security deposit. Please indicate at time of registration. Kimono Rental (includes all accessories): $50 + HST (deposit: $250)

Spring 2020

To register, please see about page from here.

Date Time Level
Every Friday
Mar. 13 - Apr. 24
7:00pm - 8:30pm All

Kimono Fun: In addition to providing kimono dressing services to various events on a voluntary basis, Kimono Fun holds regular meetings to study kimono coordination and to seek simpler style of kimono dressing so that going out in kimono will be easier and fun. It also offers workshops to make small kimono items and creates opportunities to wear kimono.

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