New Japanese Canadian Committee (NJCC)

In Spring 2015, the JCCC formed a new committee of the Board of Directors, New Japanese Canadian Committee (NJCC), dedicated to welcoming new Japanese immigrants to the JCCC, as well as helping them establish themselves in the greater Japanese Canadian community in the GTA.

The NJCC is formed from the former Toronto New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA). The NJCA was founded in 1976 by Japanese immigrants who had come to Canada after the 1960's. For almost 40 years, the NJCA dedicated time and effort to creating a strong community for these New Japanese Canadians in the Toronto area.

As the increase in the number of international marriages and easier accessibility of various visas have brought many Japanese to Canada, the JCCC has seen a rise of new Japanese Canadians and second generation Japanese-Canadians in our visitors and membership. We believe that with the support of NJCC, the JCCC can serve this flourishing community better.

At the JCCC, the NJCC will dedicate its efforts to events and workshops to celebrate and pass down Japanese culture and language. Services are provided mainly in Japanese. We welcome not only New Japanese Canadians, but everyone of Japanese heritage or those who are simply interested in Japanese tradition and culture.

Main Activities:

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