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The Cranes: The National Tribute to Japanese Canadian Life

In 2000, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre created The Cranes: The National Tribute to Japanese Canadian Life, a powerful and permanent artistic installation on the north wall of the Shokokai Court that would pay tribute to the community through 2,000 limited dedications.

The Cranes project is one of the first large scale campaigns that brought the community together by not only helping to build the new JCCC, but also helping to unite families and the generations of Japanese Canadians. This is where the true importance of The Cranes initiative can be found, and that tradition of bringing family members together continues to this day.

The project acts as a bridge between generations. It links our Issei roots to our Yonsei future. It has served as a way for our Sansei to celebrate the lives of the Issei and Nisei who raised them, and for all of us to honour other fondly-remembered ancestors and pioneers who sacrificed much to ensure a strong Japanese Canadian legacy into the next millennium.

The Cranes pays tribute to the strength of each family as a part of the Japanese Canadian community, and ensures their own personal legacy in the future.

This opportunity to memorialize and dedicate is still open, and we encourage our community members from across generations and across the country to support and participate in this important initiative. Each dedication costs $2,000 and full tax receipts will be issued.

The JCCC would also like to thank every one who has donated to The Cranes: The National Tribute to Japanese Canadian Life so far, and hope that this project has succeeded in uniting your family and the community.

To download the dedication form, please click here.

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