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The ever-popular Manju (Japanese rice cake sweets) is back! “Chef” Shoji will be conducting introductory and advanced workshops at the JCCC.

Shoji has been teaching cooking classes at the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre in Hamilton before he started his manju workshops at the JCCC. He is a self-taught hobby chef with a passion for Japanese sweets and home-style cooking. Over time, he has built up quite a repertoire!

Introductory Manju Workshop
Learn to make Dorayaki (pancake manju), Ohagi (red bean paste covered sweet rice), Kinako Mochi (toasted soy bean flour covered sweet rice), Azuki (red beans) and Lima bean filling for Manju. See Shoji demonstrates his 10-minute Mochi Manju technique.

Advanced Manju Workshop
Learn to make Mushi Manju (steamed), Yaki Manju (baked) and next generation Mochi Manju. See Shoji demonstrates his 10-minute Mochi Manju technique (advanced).
Prerequisite: Introductory Manju Workshop


$30 (plus HST) per workshop for JCCC members.
$40 (plus HST) per workshop for non-members.
Please bring $10 on the day for materials.


- Please bring an apron.
- Schedule is subject to change; please call to confirm before booking.

Spring 2018

Date Time Level
Mon. Mar.26 7:00-10:00pm Introductory
Mon. Apr. 23 7:00-10:00pm Introductor
Repeat of Mar. 26
Mon. May 14 7:00-10:00pm Advanced
Mon. Jun 4 7:00-10:00pm Advanced
Repeat of May 14
*No class offered in Fall/Winter
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