Based out of the JCCC’s Nikkei Heritage Resource Centre, the JCCC Heritage Committee strives to introduce the culture, history and legacy of the Japanese Canadians to all Canadians, while creating a tribute to the history of the Nikkei community and their contributions to the building of our nation. Heritage activities serve as an important focal point for the community.

Through my experiences at JCCC Heritage events, I have reconnected with the community. I look forward to hearing the unique stories of the Nisei and eating the food of my childhood.

- Ann Ashley

The Sedai Project is committed to collecting, documenting, preserving and sharing the history of the Japanese Canadians. The Sedai Committee collects and preserves Japanese Canadian history through audio and video recordings, and they continue to search for all Japanese Canadians who were born in the pre-war and war years to come and share their stories with them. For more information, contact Elizabeth Yuriko Fujita at 416-441-2345 ext. 303.

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Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
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